founding partner

Investments Criteria

At Macaby VC, we partner with entrepreneurs and best-in-class management teams in order to bring innovation to the market, drive growth, make strategic acquisitions, and increase asset value for shareholders. Our long-term approach to value creation allows us to be patient and not time-constrained when it comes to exits.

Investment Parameters -
Our investments parameters are diversified across the risk-return spectrum, we do not have any hard thresholds or return targets. Mainly, we are interested in companies that can leverage technology to create scalable businesses with attractive margins:

• Investment Range: $0.5MM-$10MM with the ability to scale larger with co-investments.
• Revenue: At least 1 paying customer.
• Achieved product-market fit.
• Multiple identifiable levers for value creation.

Investment Stage -
Our investments range from seed stage venture capital to growth stage private equity.
We strive to help management teams grow their businesses, execute their vision, and achieve success with go-to-market strategies and scaling.
Our capital can be used to fuel revenue growth, drive efficiencies, and/or make strategic acquisitions.

Sectors -
We have a multi-sector, bottoms-up approach and offering highly specialized sector-specific investment and operational expertise.
Our main sectors are:
• FinTech • Payments • Crypto/Blockchain • Energy-Tech • AdTech • Real Estate/Prop-Tech • AutoTech • DeepTech • SaaS

We encourage founders to take advantage of our partnership, as we have had numerous successful cases of companies leveraging this relationship to create value.

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